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The Paper Certificate Dilemma

Many shareholders have experienced difficulty in depositing stock into their brokerage account. Discount brokers no longer accept paper certificates, and many full service brokers restrict or deny paper certificate deposits as well. At the same […]

How Cleartrust Can Help You Go Public

We have extensive experience representing issuers who have gone public through both 15c-211 and reverse merger processes. Not only do we have the expertise and professional network available to assist you, but we are also […]

15C-211 vs. Reverse Merger

There are several pros and cons to both avenues of taking your business public. Presented below is a summary of key issues, but by no means is an exhaustive analysis of the two options. Contact […]

XBRL Filing

As of June 15, 2011, all reporting issuers are required to publish their financials in XBRL format. This new technology transforms 10Qs and 10Ks into standardized, interactive data sources, allowing investors to compare apples to […]

DTC & DWAC / Fast Eligibility

There are two “grades” of eligibility at DTC. Paper (basic) Eligibility DTC will accept physical stock certificates for deposit from DTC participants. This is part of the certificate clearing process when stock is initially deposited […]

Aged Convertible Debt

This is one of today’s regulatory hot topics, and for good reason. In the past year, regulators have uncovered several cases where “aged debt” was fabricated and used to sell unregistered “free-trading” shares into the […]

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